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GeorgeSwain Investments is a uniquely structured hybrid of both a boutique investment banking firm and a private equity company focused on the multicultural marketplace. Bridging the intersection of diversity and capital formation. The company is perfectly positioned to capitalize on the explosive growth with respect to diversity in the multicultural markets. GSI aims to be a leading source for capital formation for a under-served  multicultural market. Though we are rooted in and focused on creating diversity in the capital markets, our scope is by no means limited to just the domestic market. We are active worldwide.    

 Based in Los Angeles, GeorgeSwain Investments has a significant experience working with businesses both domestically and abroad. 


- A global boutique investment bank founded 25 years ago to address gaps in services to the multi-cultural market

- Led or participated in over 200 transactions (M&A, equity/debt financing, etc)

- Expanded in 2017 to include a direct investment Private Equity fund and a innovative finance practice

Bolstered by our proprietary fund, we specialize in developing comprehensive financing strategies to secure attractive growth capital for entrepreneurs and management.

Our clients are fast growing, talented and innovative businesses held back by limited capital. By engaging our capital raising services, our clients determine their own capital requirements and structure based on the funding requirements of their growth plan and corporate finance strategy.

GeorgeSwain Investments raises capital from a variety of financing sources, including institutional pension funds, private equity investors, senior debt lenders, as well as venture capital funds. We are experts in deal structures that minimizes dilution and maximize value for our partners. 

We are a different kind of firm, seeking to challenge the status quo. We are more than financiers; we are facilitators, accelerators, conveners and enablers of a movement. A reservoir of untapped innovation and value lies dormant within the multi-cultural market around the globe waiting for investors who claim to value diversification to reflect that concept with their investment choices. We serve our clients and co-invest with our partners in a manner that promotes diversity and reflects how corporate development should be done. This comprehensive approach produces better outcomes for acquirers and target companies alike.

"We believe in challenging the status quo - we believe in thinking differently"

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Congratulations to George Swain, CEO of GeorgeSwain Investments., for being selected as one of the most Influential Investment Bankers in Los Angeles as published by the Los Angeles Business Journal for (2)  consecutive years. (2018 & 2019)


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