The Emerging Multi-Cultural Market

 The last 5-10 years have seen a dramatic decrease in the costs associated with launching, maturing and scaling businesses. This increased capital efficiency is allowing ventures that were once stagnated by lack of access to capital, to now achieve new levels of growth. The multi-cultural market has uniquely suffered from years of neglect and skewed investment practices from mainstream investment firms as it relates to diversity. Now that those same business leaders can do more with less, there dependence on support from mainstream investors has lessened and they are rapidly scaling their businesses. This is the new emerging market.  

 Limited Partners (investors) are still largely missing out on significant investment opportunities within this new emerging market. GSI is your doorway to these opportunities.  

Direct Investments

As a means of supporting this new emerging market, George Swain Investments utilizes a proprietary fund to participate in lower middle market private equity/buy-out opportunities. 

Our 2 primary investment focus areas are as follows:


Investment Profile

The Entertainment IP Fund (“EIP”) was formed to acquire or finance existing entertainment intellectual property rights across a diverse group of assets that have been through their initial window of release, which may include: filmed entertainment, television programming, music publishing rights, recorded music masters, video games and other forms of entertainment content. We target equity and equity related investments and secondary debt related to the global entertainment marketplace.

  • Participatory rights
  • Underlying copyright
  • Collateralized debt positions

Investment Criteria

The EIP fund targets investment opportunities that possess the following key characteristics: (i) long-term revenue streams that are generated across multiple distribution platforms globally, (ii) predictable post-release performance characteristics and (iii) low correlation and resilience to general economic trends. In general, GSI's investment criteria for EIP can be summarized as follows:

  • Industry Focus: Entertainment Intellectual Property Rights – Film, television, music, games, books, stage plays, sports and other forms of content
  • Investment Size: $5 to $25 million
  • Investment Type: Control or minority


Investment Profile

The GSI Growth Fund is not limited to particular industries, however, we leverage our past experience in investment banking to place emphasis on niche sectors requiring specialized knowledge and skills. Target industries where our team has prior experience include financial services, technology, mobile/telecom, entertainment, and infrastructure. We support our partners with a focus on value generation by identifying attractive niche markets with significant inefficiencies and providing support through a wide range of expertise.

  • Growth Equity: Companies seeking expansion capital.
  • Buyouts & Recapitalizations: Providing shareholders liquidity.

Investment Criteria

GSI looks to invest in companies with strong management teams and attractive business models that are poised for growth. We typically look to generate returns over a three to seven year time horizon. In general, GSI’s investment criteria can be summarized as follows:

  • Investment Size: $3 million to $20 million of equity
  • Investment Type: Lead investor in a controlling or minority position, including Growth Equity, Buyouts and Recapitalizations.
  • Investment Qualities:
  •  Competitive differentiation
  •  Market leadership
  •  Strong growth prospects
  •  Operating leverage
  •  Management and ownership alignment

We look to invest in companies with at least $3million of EBITDA (or meaningful asset value) and where our typical investment size is between $3 - $5million