The GeorgeSwain Investments Fellowship also know as the GSI Fellows program is designed to inspire, train and mobilize aspiring investment bankers from the multicultural  communities worldwide.

GSI Fellows

The GeorgeSwain Investments Fellowship program is built on one simple principle, gender and racial equity is most effectively achieved through business equity (as in ownership). 

Despite passionate and well-intentioned conversations about encouraging diversity, implementing diverse hiring practices and the like, the needle on achieving equality will not significantly move until under-represented populations are in a position of ownership rather than just a position of employment. 

Employment is a wonderful achievement but the wealth and empowerment needed to address inequality at its' core is more effectively addressed by employers, not employees; by stockholders, not by stakeholders. 

GSI Fellows are individuals from all industries, backgrounds and walks of life who seek to secure and utilize a part-time or full-time career in investment banking as a tool for achieving equality both on a macro-economic level (by working alongside an investment entity that prioritizes equality in its' investment practices/strategies) and micro-economic level (as professionals that secure small equity positions in the deals they source).

Program Details

Program Duration:

The cohort meets bi-monthly over the course of a 1-year period, allowing participants to maintain their existing full-time commitments while gaining invaluable experience in and exposure of the inner workings of private equity. 

Class Size:

20 Fellows

Program Structure:

The GSI Fellows program utilizes a structured "investment committee" styled learning environment along with elements of peer learning, facilitated mentoring and networking. 

We focus on a 4-element framework for optimizing success:

  • Develop self-awareness and understanding of one’s unique “circle of competence”
  • Define and refine one’s unique investment thesis through "investment committee" presentations and reviews
  • Develop a personal brand, by taking advantage of opportunities to display a specialization in deal sourcing, portfolio operations, financial modeling, etc to management level investors
  • Hone each participant’s ability to build and maintain deep business relationships built on trust

The Program’s ultimate goal is for each Fellow to develop the skills, strategies and network needed to become a valuable player within the investment banking space in such a way that warrants participation in fund economics.  

Developing a global perspective and connecting Fellows with key players in emerging and developed ecosystems is a critical element in innovative leadership. Our inaugural global summit will be held during the 1-year Program to further these goals. Our 2018 summit will be held in Inglewood, CA.


A deep desire to help create change by way of access to Capital. 

All industry backgrounds welcome to apply.

No More Than 2 years of experience in investment banking, private equity, venture capital, etc. 

This opportunity isn't for individuals who already have an established career path but rather for those who would never be considered for employment by a mainstream firm.

The GSI Fellows program is scheduled to launch in Q4 of 2018. Interested in becoming a Fellow?

Send a thoughtful cover letter and your resume to